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Banner Realty of Northeast, Michigan

Corporate Relocation Services

Relocating employees and their families from one country, state, or city to another can be a challenging and costly experience. However, whether your company moves one or several hundred employees each year, Banner Realty is prepared to tailor its relocation services to make the transition easier and less stressful for the employees and the corporation. We will provide personalized destination counseling, departure counseling, home sale assistance, home finding assistance, and area orientation tours for all transferees.

Listed below are some of the services Banner Realty can provide for the transferring employees. Most of these services are personalized to the transferees' individual interests and needs and are provided at no cost to the company or the employees.

The Banner Realty Staff understands that relocating from one country, state or city to another can be a challenging experience. Our goal is to make the transition easier.

Relocation Services

  • Place a counseling call within 24 hours of initiation of services by you to the transferee to learn about their interests, needs, and concerns. If the transferee is moving to Northeastern Michigan, we discuss and promote the community to which the transferee will be moving. We will also help the transferee to assist them with listing and selling their home in today’s market. If the transferee is moving from Northeastern Michigan, we will select a trained relocation professional in the destination community who will provide an area tour and assist with the home purchase process. We will also assign a trained sales associate to help list and sell the home in this area.
  • Send a personalized area information package to the transferee's home with detailed information about the community in which the transferee will be living.
  • Provide a personalized orientation tour to acquaint the transferee with the new community, neighborhoods, cultural centers, schools, and more. Provide spousal employment assistance by making contacts with our corporate clients, as well as, recruiters who are familiar with the local employment market.
  • Provide comprehensive school reports, links to local school websites.
  • Provide assistance finding temporary housing.
  • Provide assistance find local long-term rental options.
  • Provide real estate assistance in transferee's city of origin.